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As the most trusted Home Care Service in Walla Walla Washington, Humanity Care Solutions is fueled by its commitment to its clients. At Humanity Care Solutions, we stand behind our values and are always looking to hire motivated individuals to join our team. As a Humanity Care Solutions employee, you will benefit from a thorough orientation and training course, and will learn new techniques to help you cater to the home care requests of all types of clients. Contact us today and join our growing team.

Seniors Socializing

Elderly Care Specialist

Our primary caregiving position. Some of the rolls that might be required are but not limited to:

*Help with housekeeping               
*Socializing and life enrichment activities
*Light meal planning and               

*Medication reminders                    
*Assist with personal care and    grooming
*Toileting assistance                       
*Transportation to and from          appointments

Healing Hands

Night Time Caregiver

Everyone's personal time is different sometimes there will be the need for client care at night. Let us know if you are interested in caregiving during the nocturnal hours of the day. The tasks are usually similar to day time shifts, but can vary slightly. The main difference here is the night time hours.

Caregiver with Patient

On Call Positions

We have the opportunity to offer extra time in the form of on call positions. Available in addition to your normal client schedules, this position will be set on a rotating schedule so that you can still maintain a comfortable level of personal time.

Employment: Employment

Join Us

At Humanity Care Solutions we are always happy to welcome motivated individuals to the team. We have several ways to join us. Fill out this short form to let us know your interested or call and one of our staff would be happy to assist.

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